What people say about 123ski.

“Hi! We have used the ski harness a lot already and am very satisfied. Our little girl will be 4 in April, and had skis for two seasons, but only this year she goes longer distances. Being pulled she is steady and she can both go by herself or hold on to the rope. We have recommended it on :)”


“Thanks for the ski harness from 123ski.no Silje at 4 years has gone several trips each more than 5 km. We have used it in the steepest slopes both upwards and downwards. Superb!”


“Thanks to 123ski ski harness our 4.5 year old daughter has gone more than 35 km in 3 days during Easter. And best of all – in a good mood all the time.”


“Hi! Today Thomas at 4 has been 8 km skiing thanks to 123ski.no ski harness. He had a little trouble with the balance in the start, but 123ski has helped him with this. We could have gone much further than 8 km !!
When tired he hung after, then having had this “rest” he went on. Steep slopes and difficult children is no longer a problem!!!
Thank you!!”


“Framsted kindergarden in Mandal has fit children and adults – they have ordered 10 pieces 123ski ski harness. Congratulations and good trip!”

Framsteg kindergarden

“This has got to be something for grandparents and parents who want their beloved ones go skiing. My father used to take me in with a somewhat primitive rope or with rods ….. would have liked 123ski ski harness at that time!”


“We have had very many good skiing trips with 123ski ski harness. In the mountains, over long water, up and down hills. Recommended!


“Last week we was walking a tour of 9 km (Austlid-Skei return) with nice slopes, and everything worked fine, both upwards and downwards. Thanks to 123ski ski harness – we had a nice trip.”


“Good product. It is better than swix, because that one do not have a properly adult belt. Good ropes too – elastic with friction.”


“We have only used it a few times so far. But belts and rope are great”


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