Ski harness – to teach kids to ski

How to ski safely with children using the Ski harness equipment.

This is a video recorded back in 2006 – me and my daughter:


The 123ski ski harness is a high quality product – specially designed and manufactured to give you and your child a lovely and safe ski experience.

This harness give you:
• A LONG and enjoyable ski trip together with your child
• The child gets plenty of balance training and the “ski feeling”
• The child thinks it’s fun to go skiing
• You get the training trip you actually had been looking forward to

The harness is:
• Very easy to use
• Flexible – fits all sizes of adults and children
• Has belts both for the adult and the child
• Can be easily switched so that it acts as a break downhill
• Can also be used in alpine skiing for slalom training (2 ropes recommended)

It consists of 3 parts: a rope with hooks, a sturdy adult belt with 2 rings, and a child’s belt comprising of a belt, a flexible crotch strap and 4 rings, one front, one rear and two side mounted for slalom training. It is suitable for all sizes of adults and children up to 8-9 years.

During cross country training you turn the belt with one of the rings pointing backward, so that the rope is connected to the ring and to the front of the child. When skiing downhill, turn the belt around your waist so that the rope is attached forward and remount the rope to the back of the child. In alpine skiing, it would be best to use two ropes, so please consider buying an optional extra rope and utilize both rings in the belt.

It is important that the belt is mounted on the child at the correct height. The correct height is at the bottom of the lower back, which is approximately the level of the center of gravity of the child so that the child achieves a good balance. If the belt is too high on the child the child could easily fall forward when you start to pull.

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